SES-VR Series - SMART Variable Frequency Controller

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The SES VR Series SMART Controllers are complete, self contained Computer Controlled Variable Frequency Drives that utilize patented microprocessors to control the output frequencies on equipment to maintain optimum operating speeds. Available for use with a wide range of legacy plant and equipment, this range of retro-fit devices reduce electricity consumption, reduce equipment wear from frequent start-up and shut-down cycles, and reduce output variation. This provides a more stable and controlled output and prolongs the life of existing equipment by reducing the noise, heat and wear-and-tear from excessive stop/start cycles.

SES VR Series Controllers are fitted with Teco or Danfoss Variable Frequency Drives and incorporate full bypass capability built in. For information about bypass systems, please contact us at Each unit is enclosed in a NEMA 1 compliant heavy duty electrical cabinet with cooling fan for the VFD and internal wiring ready to go.


Full connection instructions and set up guide are contained within comprehensive owners manual supplied with each unit. This helps get you up and running in short order. Average installation time is less than one hour and can be accomplished by trained electricians.


Installation service is available by distributor's appointed service engineers. For customers with a significant number or applications, training can be provided for in-house plant maintenance engineering staff.



Key Benefits

  • HVAC systems
  • Air Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Chillers
  • Refrigeration



  • 220VAC-480VAC
  • 5HP-300HP
  • Energy Savings Efficiency up to 25-50%
  • Optimized equipment performance
  • 5 Programmable operation modes: Temperature, Pressure, Differential Temperature, Differential Pressure, Humidity
  • Soft Start mechanism to avoid start-up current spike
  • Support equipment up to 400HP
  • Anti harmonic interference protection
  • Equipped with abnormal power protection
  • Auto ventilation system to prevent system overheating
  • Automatic Bypass Protection
  • Protects against Phase Drops and Abnormal Power Surge
  • Automatic Restart after power-outs (Soft Restart


Example of test data from before and after installation of an SES VR Series on a Trane Rooftop HVAC Unit.