SES-SC901 - SMART Control Module SMART Control Module

The SES-SC901 SMART Control Module is a stand-alone controller for use with existing Variable Frequency Drives. This patented microprocessor manages VFDs in real-time. Using live data feedback from applications, the SES-SC901 takes over the management of the VFD providing continuous control of application motor speeds to provide optimum system output, and dramatic energy savings of 30-50%..


Works with all brands of VFD, controlling a wide range of applications. HVAC, Pumps, Fans, Chillers, Compressors, etc. Provides an excellent, easy to use, adaptable alternative to PLCs.


OEM enquiries are welcome. If you are interested in having our team of engineers work with you to leverage the power of our SMART Controller for your application, please get in touch.




Key Benefits

  • Works with all major VFDs
  • Simple to install and set up (less than one hour)
  • Supports multiple voltage applications - 3ψ, 220V, 380V, 480V, 575V.
  • 7 Programmable operation modes: Temperature, Pressure, Differential Temperature, Differential Pressure, Humidity, Cool/Warm, Timer
  • Control Program built-in
  • Easy set up - minimal training required.
  • Internal and external enclosures available with volume orders
  • Supports Step-less Speed Change (SSC)
  • Output Temperature Control within 3° C
  • Supports automatic Bypass Protection (in case of VFD failure)*
  • Protection from Over/under Voltage or Current conditions.
  • Automatic Restart after power-outs (Soft Restart)
  • Anti Harmonic distortion protection.
  • Temperature Presets stored
  • CE.FCC,UL certified.

* requires appropriate electrical contactors (details in owner's manual)