Introducing Solarienne Energy Solutions' Range of SMART Controllers

SES-VR Series - SMART Variable Frequency Controller

SES-VC Series - SMART Motor Controller


Real-time, intelligent power management for HVAC, Pumps, Chillers, Fans, and Compressors, and most applications powered by AC Induction Motors


Key Benefits

Save Energy

Save the Environment

Saves money on Electricity Bills

Protect your existing assets



SES SMART Controllers have been designed by professional electrical engineers and perfected over the last 5 years. SMART Controllers have been installed in hundreds of locations in hotels, factories, hospitals and offices in Singapore, Taiwan and China. Solarienne Energy Solutions is now providing these products to distributors in the United States and Europe.



SES SMART Controllers provide constant monitoring of actual load requirements by gathering real-time system feedback data and using built-in patented micro-processor technology, manage the power supplied to achieve optimum efficiency of target equipment. This reduces electricity consumption, reduces output variation providing more stable and comfortable working environment, and prolongs the life of existing equipment by reducing heat generation and avoiding wear and tear from excessive stop/start cycles. In typical HVAC applications, SMART Controllers achieve energy consumption reductions of 30% or more.


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SES SMART Controller systems may also qualify your clients for significant tax rebates and incentives, lowering the cost of ownership and reducing the ROI payback period. They may also contribute to other green incentive schemes and certifications that may be applicable. (e.g. LEEDS certification in the United States).


The SES SMART Controller can be installed on most existing equipment in less than one hour and saves money from the moment it is switched on. Typical installations can pay for themselves in as little as 6 months!


In addition to HVAC installations, the SES SMART Controller reduces power consumption on air compressors, fans, pumps and almost any other electric motor applications. See side-bar for more applications. Constant vigilance, efficiency managed.


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