Solarienne was formed in 2008 to provide solutions for companies wishing to address issues of energy efficiency, environmental impact and social responsibility


Together with our manufacturing partners we design and develop engineering solutions that provide outstanding energy efficiency capabilities for a wide range of applications. Employing innovative application of computerized control mechanisms and proprietary programming we make SMART control products that are easy to use and give customers instant savings from applied equipment.


At the end of the first decade in the 21st century, we find ourselves facing difficult issues affecting the environment. Growing populations, burgeoning middle class and it’s subsequently increasing demand for increasingly scarce resources affect us all. The economic impact that our changing world has had, and will have on our ability to live our lives at standards of living we have been accustomed to or aspire to, while still respecting the earth and it’s finite resources cannot be understated.


We believe that it is not only ecologically responsible, but economically sound to adopt effective energy saving strategies. While it is desirable to produce clean energy from Solar, Wind, or Tidal power sources, the amount of power produced is a drop in the bucket compared to the energy that can be saved through the employment of energy efficiency initiatives.


Solarienne's Energy Solutions are aimed at improving the efficiency of existing equipment as well as providing innovative alternatives. Our products have all been proven in real world installations, reducing power consumption of applied equipment by up to 50%! In the case of SMART Controllers, customers are able to continue using their existing equipment while still enjoying the efficiency gains of brand new equipment without the high cost of replacements, and without the environmental impact of the disposal of older equipment.


Governments around the world are now embracing the concept of improving energy efficiiency and adopting renewble energy generation technologies. We provide solutions for organisations seeking to improve the energy efficiency of their operation. Industry and manufacturing sector alone is said to consume a third of all the energy consumed in the U.S.


Solarienne is working with distributers in the United States, and Europe and is actively seeking partners who can share these innovative products with their clients. To find out how you can become a distributer, click here